Services provided by Mahogany Recording Studio

The primary service offered by Mahogany Recording Studio is the recording, mixing and mastering of audio provided by bands, choirs, string/woodwind/brass ensembles, ethnic instrument ensembles, voice-over artists and everything else including the kitchen sink! The recorded audio will be edited, mixed and mastered for later rendering to CD or DVD as per request.

Secondary services focus more on pre- and post-production aspects of music and its applications: ~ Pre-production services are more focused on the conceptualisation, tailoring and design of music from its infancy. An example of this kind of work includes song arrangement, sound design and overall shaping of existing repetoire in the case of bands, ensembles and artists. Sound design and original composition are generally applicable to radio and television strings, jingles and advertisements. ~ Post-production services are focused on projects intended for the film and broadcast industry. Examples of such work includes the synchronisation of audio to video for purposes of DVD production and TV broadcasts. Audio will be edited, mixed and mastered according to the required quality and attributes specific to the afformentioned project examples.

Other services offered by Mahogany Recording Studio is location recording. The mobile recording facility can be used to suit most performance capturing needs. Concerts, theatre shows, live studio recordings (DVD), school plays and even corporate conferences and meetings can be recorded by means of studio quality equipment. The studio premises can also be made available to bands/artists who would like to use their own tracking and/or mixing engineer (by prior arrangement).

Mahogany Recording Studio offers services relative to general music composition, production and notation:

~ Existing music and/or musical concepts brought to the studio by artists, bands and corporate clientele can be arranged and tailored for any application. Vocalists or instrumentalists can have their songs enhanced or musically sculpted by the in-house musical direction team of Shaun Johannes (M.Mus) and Tracey Appolis (B.Mus).

~ Transcriptions and arrangements intended for commercial and non-commercial use will be done with the professional notations software such as Sibelius and can be exported via several print and electronic means.

~ Mahogany Recording Studio intends to offer its facilities to any and all artists, bands, producers and corporate clientele and make their time in the studio as comfortable, musically rich and high-end as possible. The studio intends to accommodate engineers, producers, composers and arrangers the option of working in a complete analogue studio environment or a completely digital studio environment with the use of industry standard DAW software on Mac or PC format.

~ Various software packages and products will be on offer to facilitate music production by in-house staff or by any client of the studio. Added to the software is a gigantic library of over 20 GB of loops and samples which have been collected over several years. Examples of such software are Stylus RMX (fully expanded) and Reason as well as some old-school hardware synths and effects processors from Roland & Boss.