So how much does it cost...

Most of the session fees are quoted as per the session requirements simply because every project is different. It is our belief that the needs of every project will be very different and should be catered for specifically. A big band will need more tender loving care than a string quartert would!

The basic studio day comprises of two 3-hour sessions:
~ 10h00 to 13h00
**Lunchbreak (nearby fast food outlets/delivery service or local Spar or 'Pick n Pay')**
~ 14h00 to 17h00
These times are negotiable in order to accommodate projects as far as humanly possible.

Audio Recording
~ R1500 per 3 hour session (with own engineer)
~ R1000 per 3 hour session (with no engineer)
~ R350 per hour for rehearsals (minimum 2 hours & maximum 6 hours)

Artists (incl. Song composition/Arrangement and Pre-production)
~ R1000 per 3 hour session (composition/arranging)
~ R750 per 3 hour session (with existing tracks)

Mixing/Mastering, Transcription & Pre-production
~ R1000 per 3 hour session (mixing/mastering)
~ R1000 per 3 hour session (song arrangement/pre-production)
~ R200 per hour for song transcription (a log book of time spent working will be kept for large/intricate transcriptions.)

**All of the above rates are negotiable in the event of full album project undertakings**


~ The daily studio fee is for a full day "lock out", i.e. it is available for your project exclusively!

~ For the daily sessions exceeding 6 hours and weekends, an over-time engineering fee will be charged at the rate of 1.5 the normal rate/hour.

Full Payment is done in three installments:
~ Payment#1 - deposit value is 20% of the total quoted price which is due at confirmation of booking.
~ Payment#2 - valued at 40% of the quoted price, due at start of recording.
~ Payment#3 - valued at 40% of the quoted price, due at end of mixing.

~ Ownership of the masters and copyright of the masters for the life of the copyright shall remain the property of Shaun Johannes until full payment has been made.

~ Session Musicians should be paid in full for their respective session fees at the end of their sessions.

~ A cancellation fee, valued at 20% of the quoted amount, will be charged for the cancellations after booking has been confirmed.